by on February 8, 2012

As I realized my son was crawling around in only a diaper in the middle of winter – and yet he was warm – I stopped and thanked God for heat in our home this afternoon.

In the past, a modern convenience such as heat, would have gone unnoticed. It was simply expected, assumed, understood to simply exist. Why is today any different?

One word: perspective. My perspective has changed.

The last house that we lived in had been built as a summer cabin in the 1940s. You can imagine how cold it was living there in the winter time where the average low temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. No central heat, no insulation, no foundation, and situated on a lake where the wind would blow across and up through the floor. We installed a small wood stove into the existing open fireplace upon moving in, but even with a roaring fire, we froze. our. butts. off. {side note: we didn’t have kids at the time we moved in, thankfully!}

Today we live in a home with heat adjusted by a simple knob in each room to regulate the temperature exactly to our liking. It is such a blessing!

I look back on those days in that little lakeside cabin with thankfulness as my experience there has helped shape me into who I am today. Being grateful for heat is merely a glimpse of the perspective I gained from those five years.

Thank you, Lord, for eyes to see even the small things that we so easily take for granted. Thank you for perspective.

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