December 2011

This post is my husband’s gift for the day! I decided to spoil him this year and give him a small glimpse of the generosity he has showed others. For each of the twelve days leading up to Chistmas, he is receiving a gift that corresponds with the number of the day with inspiration from “The 12 days of Christmas…” song. Today is day 10 so without further ado…

Ten Things I Love About You

1. Selfless
Since we first met, I have been amazed at how selfless you are. You are very thoughtful and constantly put my needs or wants before your own.

2. Humble
You are confident in your abilities and yet are humble – not boasting or proud.

3. Generous
You are such a generous man and one who ultimately desires to please God with your giving. You go above and beyond and bless many around you.

4. Skilled
You can do anything you set your mind to! Somehow you know enough about everything to make things work. And if you don’t know off the top of your head, you learn! Since we met, you have worn the hat of a plumber, maintanence man, computer technician, carpenter, organizer extraordinaire, software developer, business manager, marketer, auto mechanic, and even psychologist! 🙂 Just to name a few…You are a great problem solver, and you never give up.

5. Sensitive
You read me like a book, babe, and I’m so glad that you understand and love me just the way I am – even when my mood may change by the minute!

6. Loving
I never doubt that you love me – even on the tough days. Our love has and always will stand the test of time. We have been through much and we have come out strong. I am so grateful that through it all I can count on your love for me and our family.

7. Faithful
You are faithful to me, faithful to your family, and most importantly faithful to God.

8. Athletic & Adventuresome
I love the adventures we have experienced together – from hiking and biking to you teaching me how to down-hill ski. I love that you love the outdoors and fresh air.

9. Inventive
I love it when you create things I never would have thought of! You are great at brainstorming and innovating.

10. Incredible Dad
You are a wonderful father to our daughter and our son – the way you interact with them combines just the right blend of tenderness and authority, love and discipline. I’m glad they have you for an example of a Godly man.

Merry Christmas to my True Love!!!

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One of my husband’s favorite childhood treats at Christmas time was Caramel Popcorn Balls. It’s funny that I was just informed of this almost 10 years into our marriage! At any rate, we decided this would be a fun family tradition to start with our little family so I started my search for the perfect recipe online.

I quickly realized that just about every recipe out there calls for some form of corn syrup and most also include sweetened condensed milk – neither of which I prefer to feed my family.

Then I came across this post by Kristy over at Little Natural Cottage. I was excited to give it a try. These turned out perfectly! We made “mini” popcorn balls and used pecans for our nut of choice. My husband took these to work and we passed some out to neighbors and my daughter’s preschool teachers.

I should have paid more  attention when reading her recipe as I don’t own a candy thermometer and had already started preparing the ingredients when noticing this little fact 🙂 I still made the recipe and despite having never made “candy” before, I was able to follow these instructions on the cold water test and our caramel popcorn balls turned out perfectly!

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