by on March 6, 2012

Lately I have been…

packing our belongings into moving boxes

nurturing sick kids

dreaming of our new home

 planning out each detail

            thanking God for each blessing new and old

     thinking about this space and what I want to share

choosing to put priority on other things besides blogging

      looking forward to settling in and focusing on writing once again

{Thank you for your patience!}


I talked about the new Nespresso machine we purchased back in June and I thought I should give a quick update.

That’s it!

No, really, we have used the machine every day since it was purchased and even

took it with us for a weekend family getaway. It is so easy to use, makes excellent espresso, and is a piece of cake to clean. Plus you can customize your coffee

I had a Starbucks latte the other day and I didn’t like it compared to what I make myself at home – I am so spoiled! The funny thing is, I bought the machine for my husband and I use it almost just as much. That gift worked out nicely 🙂however you like – I typically enjoy a vanilla iced coffee or vanilla latte.

I highly recommend this machine!

My favorite roasts are the Volluto, Finezzo Lungo and Rosabaya. Brett’s are Ristretto, Arpeggio and Rosabaya. We both prefer the short shot.


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