Life Lessons

Slowing Down…

by on July 1, 2011

Today was  a perfect example of how slowing down helps to embrace some of life’s precious moments. When putting my 3 year old daughter down for her rest time, I stopped. And really listened. And really paid attention. And focused on her big brown eyes. And let her talk. For a long time. And you know what kinds of things she said and did? She loved on me, and complimented me, and touched my face, and hugged me close, and kissed me and ate up every moment of my attention. She talked about God and Heaven and Love. She poured out what was on her heart and mind. And you know what? It was nothing short of amazing.

I am too often guilty of focusing on the task at hand and letting my mind go to the one next on the list. Living life this way day-in and day-out causes me to miss out on so many wonderful opportunities I have with her. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she is more important than the things of this life, the daily grind.

I am blown away at how God uses our children to speak volumes to us and teach us what it is like in our relationship with Him. He is always there, listening, delighting in us, pouring His love over us. I am so grateful to know Him and be loved by Him. And I am thankful that He gave me Annabelle.

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